Thursday, March 26, 2009

My favorite blog links (adsense alternative)

You may have noticed that about a month ago i had some ads. i had gotten those from google adsense. I would highly advise you not to go with adsense. one accidental click on your ads sends you straight out of their services. So obviously that happened to me and for about 2 weeks i had no ads.
Now my favorite blog links
  • Now i have discovered AdBrite its very easy to use. And you get way more pay than adsense.

  • My next favorite is blogsoldiers. Basically if your like me getting 30 site views on a weekly basis this is the thing you need. What you do is you surf other peoples sites (or buy credits) to get credits. you then send in your blog to get reviewed by the admin and you put those credits into your blog. magically you start getting visits from places across the world.

  • And lastly Blogsvertiser.This is my favorite, the last post that i did was assigned to me by blogsvertiser, your not going to believe this, i got $10 directily to my paypal account for writing about shop wiki.
And to answer the dying question, yes you do earn real money For doing what you love to do, it all seems fake but already i have $ 12 total for about 1 weeks worth of work.

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Stefany said...

Aaron you rock. Only YOU could figure out how to make money blogging.