Thursday, March 5, 2009

how music affects your prespective on a video

Its a fact that the type of music you listen to shows what your personality like. But what about when you change a fight scenes action music with the gummy bear song you see where im going, totally different effect. Here we have an example that you can do,

Ha good ol kiwi (doesn't fly) nails a couple hundred trees to a mountain and jumps off. Notice the way you feel, upbeat, laughing at that stupid kiwi for not thinking out that so clearly. Now we have the same exact video, (please watch it)

Now you see the same thing but your hearts changed, you feel sad. The music (instead of trumpets) has changed to a slow soft type. Do you see what I mean! Its so cool how the simple change of the song can effect your emotion's.

Thats all folks


The family said...

Great observations. Thanks for sharing this.

Della Hill said...

Really interesting.
I love the mad world song, but I didn't realize till now how depressing it is.
Thanks for posting this.
Btw, how did you get google ads?

Mr. Aaron ,stock investor kid said...

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