Friday, October 17, 2008


if you cant read it it says hi stocktrader121 you are up 100,742.40(+10.92%) today.
Thats unbelievable

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well after getting back from church today my mom was talking to my sister, Ally on the phone from college. As I was talking to her she was getting mad at me for not blogging. (Her being the princess of blogging next to my mom the queen of blogging) I asked her what i should write about she replies saying "uh well what did you do?" Well I-I- I dunno. So the phone call ends after a few minutes more of talking and I jump onto the computer and this is what Im gonna blog about.

CJ7 movie review

CJ7 is a hilarious comedy of a poor boy (Dickie Chow). Dickie goes to an elite private school in Japan.
His father, Ti Chow, works long hours at a construction site for little pay. At night he lives in the ruins of an old house in a junkyard. Scouring the local dump, Ti comes across a glowing green orb. Ti brings it home to help his son forget about the new toy everyone at Dickie's school has been talking about it.
Dickie happily accepts this offer and notices its not what it seems. Moments later it morphs into a "space dog" he names CJ7. The boy invisions the dog helping him in school and fending off a bully or two. His idea is quickly shattered as the dog humiliates him.

Id love to tell you more but it would ruin it when you watch it. I loved this movie and I rate it as a four and a half star rating. As i said before, it is very funny and I suggest you watch it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

the coolest website! and other stuff

So on the last sentence of my last post I told you that I was bored I (being the Google king) went to Google and typed bored. The first thing that came up was I silently laughed to myself and clicked on it. Wow I was astonished there was like 3 years of work on that website and id never heard of it videos, games, quizzes and stuffs my favorite! Goodie good bye boredom!

more stock stuff.

i will now give a award to Liam for joining me in these rough and turbulent times. also known as the stock market on updown recently the stock market took a nose dive into the cement dropping a astonishing 400 points. I wish that i had taken some pictures, its slowly going up now. other than that im bored.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

basically my stock trading life

Excuse the blurry pictures, i tried my best. Basically this is the craziness of the stock market. This all happened in a matter of minutes. Of course i diddnt sell anything. But this just shows the unpredictability of the stock market especially in times like these. Also i added two new gadgets to the right.

If your wondering what this website is its
i WILL NOT be posting from Monday to Thursday due to a AWESOME trip to Catalina Island trip with my school. Thats about it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

my first post

An American pioneer Joe Ades makes his living off pedaling  Potato Peelers. This may sound funny,
but he lives in New York, Park Ave.. Much more than living in San Diego.