Saturday, January 10, 2009

behind the virtual stockmarket superstar, Aaron

Catchy title eh... well to start off I'm just your ordinary ding dong ditching kid who likes unicycling.
My goals in life are pretty simple, make money whether it be fake money on updown or in life. just recently i have gotten 75 dollars in cash for pet sitting. last night I was reading my investing book when i thought of something so smart that if i would even have thought about if for 2 minutes my head would begin to hurt. how about i take that money and invest it for real and make double that.
I thought about it more obviously i would need more money stocks these days cost around $2.00 and up i would need around $300 to start with. well to get that basic start off money i would have to make it like any other kid would. I'm setting out on a journey to make money by... mowing lawns.
also for you people who come just for my stock picks here they are


The family said...

Oh Aaron! THAT, my boy, is awesome plan. I hope you get loads of jobs. I love how you worked all day to come up with your plan to make money and then you forecasted how much you could get by investing it.

But the best part was when you got paid and you divided out your tithing right away before doing anything. I admire you for that.

Love you always and forever.


Mema said...

I know one day when you are up there with Bill Gates you will remember your grandparents, heh?