Friday, October 10, 2008

the coolest website! and other stuff

So on the last sentence of my last post I told you that I was bored I (being the Google king) went to Google and typed bored. The first thing that came up was I silently laughed to myself and clicked on it. Wow I was astonished there was like 3 years of work on that website and id never heard of it videos, games, quizzes and stuffs my favorite! Goodie good bye boredom!


Pikes Pickles said...

Aaron - very cool. Your blog is quite enlightening and funny too... I bet Mema and Grampa Tom will love it. Did you send them the address?

Love you,


ally said...

hehehhe, oh aaron. I miss you you little turd, love the words you use :) oh, and didnt I tell you about like a year ago goofer?

Mr. Aaron ,stock investor kid said...

shush i was BORED so i wrote a post about how i came across it. besides me and Ryan found this website.

Mema said...

I was bored so didn't have time to go to yet. Too busy working on being bored. Watched Nova tonight on Another Dimension and thought fractal geometry was boring until now. So now I am not bored. Gotta go and make a fractal.
Miss You
Grandpa T.