Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well after getting back from church today my mom was talking to my sister, Ally on the phone from college. As I was talking to her she was getting mad at me for not blogging. (Her being the princess of blogging next to my mom the queen of blogging) I asked her what i should write about she replies saying "uh well what did you do?" Well I-I- I dunno. So the phone call ends after a few minutes more of talking and I jump onto the computer and this is what Im gonna blog about.

CJ7 movie review

CJ7 is a hilarious comedy of a poor boy (Dickie Chow). Dickie goes to an elite private school in Japan.
His father, Ti Chow, works long hours at a construction site for little pay. At night he lives in the ruins of an old house in a junkyard. Scouring the local dump, Ti comes across a glowing green orb. Ti brings it home to help his son forget about the new toy everyone at Dickie's school has been talking about it.
Dickie happily accepts this offer and notices its not what it seems. Moments later it morphs into a "space dog" he names CJ7. The boy invisions the dog helping him in school and fending off a bully or two. His idea is quickly shattered as the dog humiliates him.

Id love to tell you more but it would ruin it when you watch it. I loved this movie and I rate it as a four and a half star rating. As i said before, it is very funny and I suggest you watch it.


ally said...

haha. oh aaron, i love it. i really do :)
I think im just going to have to go to blockbuster tommorow and rent this movie :) great review too, you my little monkey, are a good writer :) i now pronounce you, Blog Prince!!

Mr. Aaron ,stock investor kid said...


Mema said...

Blog Prince Aaron,
Grampa Tom and I are watching you. Good job. Soon you will inherit the kingdom. All in dur=e time. Perhaps you may need the cure bottle to take care of any laser monsters you may meet up with. I am sure Liam can help you fight them off.
Love always,

Mema said...

Oh well - posted it on your stock part but I was just so fascinated with the movie clip. In any case no comment on the stocks except that it is like gravity - What goes up must come down.
Grandpa T.