Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stock headquarters

Hello all, im introducing my stock website that will make your dollar a hundred dollars more... i will show you valuable information about stocks, this economy, and introduce stock picks and information on how to better your stock portfolio. firstly, i use, a site that lets you play around with fake money to invest in stocks such as Wallmart (WMT), Apple (AAPL), Disney (DIS), and many others. in real time. If your good enough at the market you can also earn real money sent as a check to your house. Also, i use advertisments on this site, such as adbrite. A very good advertiser company. And lastly, i use pay per post, eventually, you will see an occasional post promoting a certain product. All of which will be direct funding for my stock portfolio because im fourteen and want to experiment with real cash before using someone else's money.

I am heavily dedicated to bring you the upmost perfect stock trading experience, so please help me to help you... the money donated via clicking on ad's will go into my learning experience with real money. With that behind, i invite you to follow me into the amazing world of stocks. i will be using UpDown, mentioned eariler, this helps me experiment with different risk stocks. As you can see over to the left, i have earned about... 500,000 dollars in virtual money :).

Long term stocks:
Sell Short:

I have yet to find any short term stocks, slow and steady wins over this economy for me.


NoProblem said...

Hi Aaron!

Nice blog you have here! The world of stocks - as well as Futures, Commodities, Forex, Bonds, Options etc are all fascinating.

Congratulations on starting your Market education at an early age! I can tell you that once you decide you want to be a success in the Markets, plan to spend an awful lot of time studying and do not get discouraged when you take losses - losses are inevitable so seek only the highest probability trades and investments. For that, I wish you all the best!!

I have not done much trading at UpDown over the last year or two, but I agree that site is really great!

My Updown positions currently are:
Long 33,450 shares DXD @ $24.67
Short 11,00 shares BIDU @ $73.82
Short 12,040 shares RIMM @ 70.65
Short 18,320 shares SSO @ $45.17

I still have $1.4 million cash in case I happen across another opportunity - but if Updown would let me, I would be short only SSO with a much larger position.

Best to you!!!!!


Isuru said...

Keep Updating This blog. And looking forward for more posts.