Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog updates!

You will notice a few new things as you arrive on my blog.
1. I have a new subscriber!
2. i have added more gadgets as in, my bidvertiser button and the titled Hey you! referral button for chitka both 2 really good advertising programs.
3.I have added a graffiti title for my website.
4. And lastly i changed the background from dumb ol white to a grayish black.


Della Hill said...

I put Adbrite on both of my blogs after reading yours.
I made 14 cents in the first week.
I expect as I add ads and attract more readers that number will go up.
But it's a start right?
Any other ideas?

Aaron Pike said...

all id say is dont tell your readers to click on them. put it in a place where they would click on them.

P.S. did you use my referring URL?