Sunday, February 22, 2009

More things to do when your bored

Carry a briefcase with you and offer people phony legal advice
Carry a tune...drop it, see if it breaks
Carve your boyfriend\girlfriend\crushes’ initials in a marshmallow
Catch a cold
Catch a falling star
Challenge the neighbor kid to duel
Change your hand writing style
Change your mind
Change your name...daily
Chase your friend or family member around the sofa
Check out the weather forecast for other parts of the world.
Check under chairs for chewing gum
Take your hamster to the beach
Take your TV outside
Talk back to the radio
Talk like a pirate
Write everything in italics
Talk with your hands
*69 Telemarketers and ask them if they want to buy random stuff
Tenderize your tongue...chew on it for a while
Test thin ice...with a pogo stick
Think of nicknames for everyone you know.
Think shallow thoughts
Try a sample of every flavor at baskin’ robins but don’t buy anything
Turn off the lights whenever you enter a room
Turn on everything
Turn on the T.V., put it on mute and make up dialogue
Turn your TV upside down and watch it
Turn yourself in a for a crime you didn’t commit
Unplug everything and rearrange the furniture
Use a kick me sign. As a challenge, see how many people you can put a kick me sign on without them knowing it.
Watch 101 Dalmatians and see if they really show 101 Dalmatians.
Listen to really hard music and head bang
Load as many programs on your PC as you can in an attempt to crash your system
Look at something for awhile, shut eyes, and study the after image.
Look on a soda bottle or cereal box and call the consumer information line and ask them some questions.
Write a song
Write calligraphy messages to your friends
Write complaint letters to companies that annoy you.
Write fortune cookie sayings
Write glow in the dark messages on people’s ceilings (“I'm watching you!)
Write graffiti under the rug
Write in a circle
Whisper everything
Whistle while you work

Hopefully that will keep some of you occupied.


Della Hill said...

I've got another one for you:
Write a list of 50 things to do when you are bored, then alphabetize the whole list.
A good list, I can definitely use some of these.

Anonymous said...

I am complaining none of these work