Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank you Mema and Grandpa Tom

on Christmas I received a wonderful toy from my grandparents. It was what I always wanted, a unicycle. So I hopped onto it and horribly failed. 6 days later this is what I have been able to do.
click here

Happy new years eve! hopefully next year we can have a better market.


The family said...

Aaron that is sooo awesome!
You are doing really good at this SO quickly.

Miss Hope said...

Dude. I am impressed. Seriously, how can a person balance on one of those? And can you go forward and backwards yet? Can you spin? Keep the videos coming!

Mema said...

Good heavens!! Hope you found out if there are brakes on the thing. You are doing really well. Grandpa and I are impressed and your welcome. Just don't break any bones.
Love ya. ☺