Friday, November 7, 2008

My stock picks

And now... my stock picks! Woooo yeahh... Ok onto buisness

First: Disney (DIS) disney dropped an amazing $4.03 per stock! I was up watching cnbc's Fast Money when i heard this, I immediately flew to the computer injuring my head as i fell next to the computer's chair. I jumped back up and bought Disney.

Second: Toyota Motors(TM)
I woke up to Gabrilla pulling on my nose saying "arinn arrriinn (get) up!"
I slowly arose from my slumber and turned on the tv to cnbc and went to the computer. I tuned in to hear that toyota is at a low i bought stocks in toyota and so far it is on its rise.

Look at the similarities between Disney and Toyota's stock chart.

Also did you know that updown pays you if you
beat the market in your earnings and for
contest's you can earn up to $500 in real money!


Mema said...

Go Aaron, go.

The family said...

Aaron very impressive. I love that you are so into this.

Mema said...

We had DIS for a long time and down it went then jumped a few days and we cashed in to get out our money back. Then it jumped up in the last few years. Quess it is all about luck in the long run. Watched TASAR for a few years and kept saying we should buy it but didn't and it flew. Vignette was another one in the tech days and look at it now. But wonder about that one. Maybe, we will just keep watching you as you have the brains and patience to keep going on. Love the blog and proud of you.